About Us

At Manhattan Writers, we are the leading resume writers in the US, yet we don't go shouting about it from the rooftops. We let the results speak for themselves - as you're just about to discover.

Over the last 17 years, we have helped professionals from all over America to achieve their dreams of career advancement by writing their job-search documents: mainly resumes and cover letters.

Our team of highly trained and experienced professional resume writers offer writing services to all cadres of professionals, from those starting off with their careers to those making career transitions, as well as those aspiring for higher positions.

So, what makes us exceptional?

Unlike other resume writing services which outsource their writing services to online platforms, we handle all our orders internally. This is because Manhattan Writers was founded by professional resume writers who still work for the company. This means that we:

  • Are passionate about resume writing. Our commitment to the business runs deep in our veins, and is driven by a sense of ownership that has been instilled into our team by the company's founders. Believe it or not, every employee owns some stake in the company, which gives a reason for everyone to make the company succeed!
  • Our close to two decades in the resume writing business means that we understand the dynamics of the recruitment industry and how this affects the modern job seeker. We are thus able to put more thought and insight into our resume writing process in order to make our candidates shine.

What Keeps Us Going?

Nothing gives us more joy and pride than receiving an email declaring that one more client has gotten a new job.

So, for all your resume and cover letter writing needs, you can rely on people who have been in teh business for perhaps much longer than the competition. We are stakeholders in your success, and we are just an email away. Write to us today for the best solution.

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